‘Our government shouldn’t ban abortion,’ Karolina (22) states resolutely. ‘Instead, it should ask itself, how can we help women with the issues they face?’ We are sitting on a bench in the Saxon Garden, right […]


‘I am really emotionally affected by the whole situation,’ Gabe (19) tells me. We are talking in an empty, graffiti-filled tunnel underneath a busy intersection, where the echoes of our conversation are accompanied only by […]


‘This government is doing harm to me, my friends, my family,’ Maciej (17) tells me while we walk past the Sejm, the Polish parliament and backdrop to many protests over these past months. The barriers […]


‘I feel tired after six months of protesting,’ Iga (22) says. ‘But I am still angry.’ That feeling of anger started the moment the Constitutional Tribunal issued its ruling on abortion back in October. ‘I […]